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Baby Dedication Booklet
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Every church or denomination has its own way of hallowing the beginning of life and celebrating the birth of children.  In some churches babies are baptized or christened.  Other churches provide opportunities for babies to be “dedicated” to Christ, based on the examples of 1 Samuel 1:21-28, Luke 2:21-24, and Matthew 19:13, as will be explained.  This booklet is designed to give pastors and churches a simple tool for explaining the process of child dedication and for training the parents and families, so that the full benefit might be gained for the little ones God has given us to raise for His glory.
This booklet by Rob Morgan is designed for individual use and/or for group study, using the discussion questions and passage look-ups in the discussion boxes.
Bulk discounts are offered for churches, ministries, or individuals who wish to better understand baby dedication.