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Then Sings My Soul Book 3
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Product Description

This is the third installment in the best selling tradition of Then Sings My Soul.

All creation, through all the ages, is designed to sing God's praises. In providing even more historical context behind many favorites from a 2,000 year repertoire of music, Robert Morgan again sets out to keep the stories and the songs of our Christian hymnody alive for the next generation. You'll find yourself worshipping your way through this hymnal from ancient to modern times.

The last in the Then Sings My Soul trilogy, Book 3 offers an overarching look across the centuries of Christian song by dividing the story of western hymnody into several major segments:

  • Biblical Hymns
  • Ancient Hymns
  • Midieval Hymns
  • German Hymns
  • English Hymns
  • Gospel Songs
  • Contemporary Praise

In addition to gaining a deeper understanding of church history and learning more than fifty devotional-style stories about hymns through the ages, Book 3 also includes six more in-depth hymn stories that Robert Morgan loves to tell. Whether learning the real story behind "It Is Well with My Soul" or how the Warner sisters became beloved figures in the history of West Point Military Academy, your soul will be soothed and you'll be inspired to share these stories with those you love. By knowing the heritage of our past, we'll leave a legacy for our future.

Then Sings My Soul Book 3 - Kindle Edition - $9.99

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Then Sings My Soul Trilogy
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Product Description

**collection at reduced price makes this a better value than ordering individual copies.

Get all three volumes of Then Sings My Soul and receive over 400 of the world's greatest hymn stories at a fraction of the cost.

These devotional-style stories portray the emotion and drama behind the hymns that have changed many lives throughout history.  These books serve two purposes--to help you rediscover the hymns of generations now gone, and to encourage you to lift your heart and voice upward in praise to the Lord.

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Free Download

As promised in the book, this free downloadable guide provides a template for a worship service for churches.  This guide will help you design an evening of song in which you can tell the story of the hymnal and sing through the various epochs of the church.

Click to Download: "A Special Service of Song" (PDF - 160kb)