That Goat is Gone

  The Bible’s Remarkable Picture of Total Forgiveness  Key Scripture: God presented Christ as a sacrifice of atonement, through the shedding of His blood—to be received by faith (Romans 3:25).  Introduction: When James Garfield lay mortally wounded in the White House, Alexander Graham Bell began working on a metal detector to locate the bullet. He […]

The Most Important Place on Earth

  The most important place on earth not the Oval Office, the Pentagon, or the Kremlin. It’s not Wall Street. It’s not St. Peter’s Basilica or St. Paul’s Cathedral or the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. It’s not even the local church. The most important place on earth is your home. It is the Christian home. […]

Building Your Marriage Without Losing Your Mind

  Years ago I wanted to prepare a series of sermons about marriage, and I listed the topics I wanted to address. Then, picking up my Bible, I realized the Lord had addressed all of them in Ephesians. So I preached a series called “Ephesianizing Your Marriage.” It wasn’t the best title in the world, […]

Why The Bible is Better than Any Other Book on Earth

  I can’t remember a time when I wasn’t hearing or reading the Bible. Even as a child, I received New Testaments and Bibles from time to time, but my first study Bible came when I was fourteen. My parents bought me a leather-bound Scofield Reference Bible for Christmas in 1966, with tabs for every […]