If Irish Walls Could Talk

  Today in Belfast, Northern Ireland, we took a little time away from speaking engagements for sightseeing in a city that still shows the marks of its violent conflicts, but which also welcomes visitors to its beautiful landscapes, dramatic murals, and Titanic celebrations. I was most intrigued by the political murals, which are posted on buildings all over […]

Your Invitation: Tour Israel with Me in 2016

  There’s nothing like seeing the places you’ve read about all your life. For students of the Bible, a trip to the Holy Land is a lifetime adventure that adds depth and interest to every page of Scripture. That’s why Van Stewart and I have been leading tours to Israel for many years. Our 2016 […]

The Cathedral in Milan

  This week I’m privileged to be speaking to a group of believers in Interlaken. Europe is in the grip of a heat wave, and almost nothing here is air conditioned because it’s never this hot.  We’re sleeping (or trying to), preaching, eating, sightseeing, and fellowshipping in sweltering heat. As I spoke last night people were fanning […]

What Is the Wailing Wall?

What a melancholy word – wailing! I know of only one architectural site in the world that’s described by that adjective. It’s the Western Wall of the Temple Mount within the Old City of Jerusalem. What is the Wailing Wall? Why is it so important? And why does it bear its sad name? Nearly a […]