The Incredible Ira Sankey

   A few  years ago, some folks in Florida gave me an 1894 edition of Ira Sankey’s hymnal, and this particular book is personally autographed by Sankey to his wife. I treasure the book because I’m a huge fan of Sankey, an extraordinary 1800s musical evangelist who forever changed Christian hymnody. If we don’t know […]

The Sound of Salzburg: Silent Night

The little city of Salzburg, Austria, could be called the most musical town on earth — the home of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, the von Trapps and the Sound of Music, and the birthplace of Joseph Mohr, the author of the lyrics of the world’s most beloved Christmas carol, Silent Night. For several years I have […]

Then Sings My Soul Vol. 3 by Robert J. Morgan

Teach a Course on the History of our Hymns

Every church I know has Bible studies. Why not devote a few weeks studying the rich history of our hymnody? I’m convinced that ordinary, pew-sitting, church-going Christians need to understand the history of the hymns, because the story of our songs is the musical record of our faith. Might I suggest a textbook? In Then […]

Duly Noted

Today as I’ve been working on Then Sings My Soul Book 3 I came across something I hadn’t realized, having to do with the development of musical notes. I’ve known, of course, that the introduction of “hymns” into the English church was a matter of great controversy in the early 1700s. Many thought only the […]