Near to the Heart of God

A couple of years ago, Andrea Doering, the outgoing (and outstanding) senior acquisitions editor at Revell Books, asked if I had any ideas for a devotional book based on hymns. I suggested a date-based approach to mining the riches of the hymnbook. I had in mind a cross between the concepts behind two of my […]

London: Handel’s House

  In my book, Then Sings My Soul, I told the remarkable story of how George Frideric Handel composed his famous oratorio, Messiah, in his London home in a time span of just about three weeks. Many people had thought Handel “past his prime,” but his friend, Charles Jennens, believed his best work was still […]

In Times Like These

Today I’ve had to force my mind back onto my writing; and while it’s hard not to be preoccupied with all things flood-related, my project for Turning Point Magazine involved an old song that has encouraged me. In the year 1943, Ruth Caye Jones, a pastor’s wife in Pennsylvania and the mother of five, was […]

One More Day’s Work for Jesus

This week I’m in Tampa, speaking at the Bible-Based Fellowship Church of Temple Terrace, a lively, friendly, Bible-loving church of mostly African-American worshippers, led by a terrific pastor named Earl Mason, who is a joy to me.  The meetings run through tomorrow night; so if you’re in the Tampa area, come on by! Recently I […]