“And Wing My Words”

  When Katrina and I started our pastoral work at Harris Memorial Church in rural Greeneville, Tennessee, I badly wanted to teach as well as preach (still do). I recall going through Paul’s letters to Timothy and noting that the word “teach” occurred forty-four times while the word “preach” occurred four times; and I worked hard to develop some […]

My Earliest Christmas Memory

  One of my earliest memories involves Christmas Eve and Santa Claus. I can’t recall my age, perhaps five or so. We lived in the brick house my parents had built at the corner of Riverview and Central in Elizabethton, Tennessee. Santa was making his rounds that magical evening, so I was told, and would be […]

Tennessee Trails: O1

  Recently I picked up Johnny Molloy’s book, 60 Hikes within 60 Miles of Nashville, and I thought it’d be fun to tackle some of these trails with my grandson Elijah. We started with number 01 yesterday – the Anderson Road Fitness Trail, which runs in a loop for just over a mile around the […]

Belling Out of the Pastorate

  My first pastorate nearly killed me. Literally. Twice. It wasn’t the good people of Harris Memorial Church—they were wonderful. I’m forever indebted to them for supporting such a young and green pastor as I. We had very few conflicts in the church — almost none —  despite two building programs in two years. They […]