Red Letters

Today in my Bible reading I decided to read only Red Letters.  I started in Matthew and made it through Mark and Luke, skipping over the black print in the Gospels and reading only the Red Letters.  I was surprised at how quickly I covered entire books and what a blessing it was to “hear” […]

My Favorite Preaching Quotes

When one for the first time mounts the pulpit, no one would believe how very afraid one is!  One sees so many heads down there!  Even now when I am in the pulpit I look at no one but tell myself they are merely blocks of wood which stand there before me, and I speak […]

The Fatigue of Preaching

There are two draining aspects of preaching—preparing the sermon, and delivering it. Unfortunately, I’ve always prepared my messages (the morning messages at least) in the most laborious and exhausting way possible, by scripting them out. After pouring over the text or subject as thoroughly as time will allow, I develop an outline, craft an introduction, […]

A Healthy Ministry

A healthy ministry only occurs when we have a biblical perspective about the work we’re to do. That was lacking in the Corinthian Church, resulting in congregational fragmentation. In 1 Corinthian 3:1-9, the Apostle Paul set out several corrective principles, which we can enumerate like this: When it comes to building the kingdom, we are […]