Washington and God

So why can’t we say a prayer in school or at a public event? In preparing a recent sermon from Psalm 11, I read Washington’s first inaugural address and took some time to analyze it. It runs 1419 words, and I was astounded to find 522 of them – well over a third of the entire […]

Scripture Memory and Medieval Saints

In preparation for a series of messages at The Donelson Fellowship from Matthew 5 – 7, I’ve been reading a book entitled The Sermon on the Mount Through the Centuries: From the Early Church to John Paul II. On page 79, I found this great quote about the way medieval Christians such as Hugh of […]

J.C. Ryle on Daily Bible Reading

Here’s another quote from my currently-favorite writer, the great British bishop, J. C. Ryle, regarding daily Bible reading. It’s from his book, Practical Religion: Read the Bible every day. Make it a part of every day’s business to read and meditate on some portion of God’s Word. Private means of grace are just as needful […]

From the Writings of J. C. Ryle

Recently I’ve discovered the lively writings of J. C. Ryle, who died in the year 1900. He was the Anglican Bishop of Liverpool, England, and a very motivating author. I’m currently reading his book Practical Religion. If there was room, I’m just post the whole book. Here is an excerpt: Zeal in Christianity is a […]