Starling of the White House

I’ve had a hard time this year finding books that seem interesting to me. I’m not sure why… says more about me than about the books… But recently I’ve found a delightful read: Starling of the White House: The Story of the Man Whose Secret Service Detail Guarded Five Presidents from Woodrow Wilson to Franklin […]

“Be Still & Know that I am God”

Happy Memorial Day, everyone. My son-in-law, Joshua Rowe, thought I was a little hard on extraverts in my sermon today, which, of course, wasn’t my intention. Whatever personality God has given us is a blessing. But one of the points in today’s sermon is that “quiet” is good. The text: Psalm 46:10 — “Be still […]

KALEO NOTES: Rev. A. W. Tozer

James L. Snyder has authored a highly readable biography of A. W. Tozer, the CMA pastor and writer best known for his book  The Knowledge of the Holy. Everyone should periodically read and re-read Tozer, and his life’s story is worth knowing too. Tozer was born on a Pennsylvania farm at the end of the […]

Colton is For Real!

Last Sunday at The Donelson Fellowship I illustrated my sermon with a story from the runaway bestseller Heaven is For Real by Nebraska pastor Todd Burpo. It’s the account of his son, Colton, who momentarily died on the operating table during emergency surgery. In the months following, Colton described visiting heaven, seeing Jesus, meeting his […]