Colton is For Real!

Last Sunday at The Donelson Fellowship I illustrated my sermon with a story from the runaway bestseller Heaven is For Real by Nebraska pastor Todd Burpo. It’s the account of his son, Colton, who momentarily died on the operating table during emergency surgery. In the months following, Colton described visiting heaven, seeing Jesus, meeting his […]

Erasmus’ Advice to Those Who Study

I mentioned in a previous post that I had packed a biography of the Reformation hero, Desiderius Erasmus, in my backpack to read on the return home from Europe. I couldn’t have made a better choice. Erasmus kept my interest from the time we took off in Budapest to the time we landed in Nashville. […]

Making Sense of the Resurrection

Recently I’ve been reading a book by a brilliant philosopher on the west coast named Stephen T. Davis, professor of philosophy at Claremont McKenna College in California. He’s written more than 80 academic articles and fifteen books. I’ve been reading his book, Risen Indeed: Making Sense of the Resurrection (Grand Rapids: Eerdmans, 1993). Dr. Davis […]

A GREAT Resource for Preachers and Teachers

Being a good preacher like being a NFL quarterback, only harder. On any given Sunday, a quarterback has to complete an efficient pass to an alert receiver. But a preacher has to first construct the football; then he has to deliver the thing to receivers who may not be paying attention (maybe because they’re thinking […]