Teach a Course on the History of our Hymns

Then Sings My Soul Vol. 3 by Robert J. Morgan

Every church I know has Bible studies. Why not devote a few weeks studying the rich history of our hymnody? I’m convinced that ordinary, pew-sitting, church-going Christians need to understand the history of the hymns, because the story of our songs is the musical record of our faith.

Might I suggest a textbook? In Then Sings My Soul, Book 3, I devote about fifty pages to a readable survey of the history of hymnody. It’s filled with easy-to-follow stories that begin with the first recorded hymn in Exodus 15 and tell the story all the way to our modern praise-and-worship choruses and hymns.

I’ve also prepared a free downloadable presentation guide for churches wanting to present this material in worship services or small groups.

Part 4 of Then Sings My Soul Book 3 also provides a rich body of material for group study: Hymning in Private and Public — how we can get the most from our hymns in both our private devotions and our public worship services.

Let’s teach our people to draw strength from the great hymns of the faith.

The planning guide is free; and heavily discounted prices are available for Then Sings in group quantities. Also, the first two volumes of Then Sings My Soul provide helpful background information on specific hymns and hymnists. If you have additional ideas for using this material in group settings, let me know. Let’s try to get something going here. Let’s rediscover the richness of our hymns!

7 thoughts on “Teach a Course on the History of our Hymns

  1. Hi! I recently purchased all 3 books in your series, ‘Then Sings My Soul’. I lead a weekly Bible Study and am working on doing one based on this series of books. I read that you have a free planning guide for helping to put together a study based on these books, but when I click on the link it does not direct me to anything. Have you removed this from you site? Is there any way I can either purchase or get a copy of this planning guide to aid me in this study?
    Thank You!
    Judith D Greene

  2. Dear Rev. Morgan,

    I want you to know how I have been blessed by your books “Then Sings My Soul”. It is so interesting to know how the authors were inspired to write these hymns.
    Do you have any information on the hymn, “There’s Something About That Name” or perhaps by the title, “Jesus, Jesus, Jesus”?
    Our women’s group has just drawn “secret pal names” and the lady’s name I drew has listed this hymn as her favorite. Would appreciate hearing from you. Thanks, & God Bless you.

  3. Hi, Brother Rob,
    My husband and I certainly enjoyed the services with you this week at Farmington First Free Will Baptist Church. I have several of your books including the big book of hymns and stories. In checking out your website and reading about the hymn stories, I was reminded that I’ve often thought that someone should preach, teach, or write about the theology in some of the old hymns. I fear we sing many phrases that contain great truth but are lost on most church attendees. The one that comes to mind most is the richness of Rock of Ages.
    God bless, and we look forward to hearing you again.

  4. Never thought of teaching a course on Hymn History before. Good way to help younger generation appreciate our hymns.

    I AM IN CHARGE OF a small group of ladies for a Bible Study. Would your book,”Then Sings My Soul”
    be appropriate for this. I need a workbook for the women to complete for each week’s assignment. Please advise and let me know the prices for the book and the workbook. I am new at this job and very nervous about selecting the right study.

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