Daily Strength for Daily Needs

There an old devotional book entitled “Daily Strength for Daily Needs,” which I’ve found a source of encouragement from time to time; but the best thing about it is the title. That’s what we need every 24 hours–daily strength for daily needs. Yesterday, for example, I was nervous going into the day because of its […]

There’s Something Wrong With All of Us

There’s something wrong with all of us, but it’s best to simply ignore our limitations and plunge headfirst into what God calls us to do.  For example, I was reading today about Thomas Hastings, who was an albino (as were three of his siblings).  He was also afflicted with eye problems and a speech defect.  […]

Niagara Falls

This morning I had a beautiful flight into Toronto and we passed directly over Niagara Falls. Looking down at it, I couldn’t help thinking of when Katrina and I visited the Falls on our honeymoon. Or of when several years later we returned with our daughters (just as my parents once took my sister and […]

The Rapture Has Already Taken Place

Instead of hovering over the television on election night, I spent the evening working of my sermons for the following Sunday. I’m in a series on the rapture of the church, and I was stuck by the fact that the rapture has actually already taken place, and three times at that! Three people have already […]