A Visit with Donald Duck

Several weeks ago, I jotted down a request in my prayer notebook for good weather during our week in Florida.  We’re on the way home now and I can say that every day was gorgeous.  Katrina and I enjoyed 80-degree weather in Venice, where I spoke eight times over the weekend.  Then coming to Orlando, […]

Pictures from Japan

Here are some pictures of the International Missions Retreat in Japan.  I arrived back this afternoon, exausted but thankful for a safe trip and for the privilege of being with such a great group as our team in Japan.

Japanese Journal

Hokkaido, Japan I spent the morning at the Bishop’s house in Ebetsu tacking emails and made quite a bit of progress. After lunch, we drove to the Japanese-government-run retreat center in the mountains. It is spartan, but quite nice. My room has two small beds and little else, with bathroom facilities up the hall, minus […]

Greetings from Hokkaido

Starting tomorrow I’m speaking at a missionary retreat in a center in the mountains here in Hokkaido, the large northern island of Japan. I left home at 4 am on Monday morning and traveled for almost 28 hours, but it was a problem-free trip. My plane left without delay from Chicago, and its route took […]