A Boy and a Boa

The New York Daily News carried a frightening article today about two boys, 7, who were watching television in a Brooklyn apartment.  Suddenly they felt something on the sofa behind them.  When they moved the cushions to investigate, a huge snake slithered across the fabric and fell into a ball at their feet. They screamed […]

The Faith of Our Presidents

Have you ever wondered about the faith of our American Presidents?  The Pew Forum has just released an analysis of the Christian affiliations of each on the forty-four men who have held our highest elected office.  Nearly half of the nation’s chief executives have been Episcopalian (11 of them, going back to George Washington) or […]

Taking a Stand on the Bus

My favorite story in today’s newspapers comes from the London Daily Mail, and it’s an inspiring story of simple courage and conviction for the sake of the Gospel. Perhaps you’ve read about the advertising blitz by militant atheists who have paid for large signs to be painted over the buses in London (now the campaign […]

Not for Nothing: A Book Idea

During my devotions this morning, I started sketching down an idea for a book, as furiously as a dog digging for a bone.  I don’t know if anything will come from it, but it would be targeted for anyone involved in the Lord’s work.  The concept would be “Not for Nothing:  Your Labor in the […]