Christian Words Eradicated From Children’s Dictionary

A headline in this week’s London Telegraph says “Words Associatd with Christiaity and British History Taken Out of Children’s Dictionary.” The word “saint” is out, but the word “celebrity” is in. Words like “aisle,” “biship,” and “chapel” have been replaced with words like “blog,” “broadband,” and voicemail.” The publisher claims the changes have been made […]

The Miracle of Israel: From Titus to Truman

In this weekend’s message at The Donelson Fellowship, I touch on the miracle of Israel. Think of how remarkable this is:  The Bible predicted that the Last Days would be dominated by the existence of the nation of Israel, even though the nation of Israel was destroyed before the New Testament was completed.  About a […]

Imagine That: The Universe is Perfectly Made for Life

In the current (December 2008) issue of Discover Magazine, there’s a fascinating article entitled:  “Science’s Alternative to an Intelligent Creator.”  The subtitle is:  “Our Universe is Perfectly Tailored for Life.  That May Be the Work of God or the Result of Our Universe Being One of Many.” Folger wrote:  “Everything…bears witness to an extraordinary fact […]

The Modesty Movement

Several years ago, while I was jogging around the old village of Wittenberg, Germany, I glanced over at a house and was surprised to see a man standing in his front lawn hosing himself off after yard work.  He was stark naked.  Later, in Berlin, I passed by a whole section of the main city park that […]