My Dream and Its Meaning

Spartanburg, SC – Last night I checked into my hotel and worked on an upcoming sermon until about midnight.  Then I fell into bed and slept soundly until the early morning hours when I had a vivid dream.  In my dream I was visiting the island of Trinidad, and I dreamed that my literary agent, […]

Congrats Hannah and Eric!

Katrina and I want to let everyone know that our daughter, Hannah, is now wearing a beautiful rock on her finger. Earlier this week, her boyfriend, Eric Olsen, asked for permission to marry her, and shortly afterward he proposed. Eric is a great guy from a great home, and we already love him like a […]

The Old White House on the Hill

My mother’s parents, Maude and Clifton Palmer, lived about twenty miles from us in a white house on a hill near Elk Park on the Tennessee / North Carolina border. I enjoyed going there a great deal as a child. They had two enormous boxwoods near the steps leading from the dirt road up to […]