Sentences I Underlined

Yesterday I received  a note from my friend, Dr. Lee Cope, of Jackson, Mississippi, about a friend of his who said, “The Andrew Murray book on humility changed my life, possibly more than any single thing outside of the Bible itself.  It has haunted me.  I memorized the passage in Philippians (on having the mind […]

A Classic Volume on Humility

In yesterday’s blog, I tried to give a simple definition for humility.  It is not a low self-image; it’s a high Jesus-image. Today I’d like to tell you about a man who wrote with humility about humility.  His name is Andrew Murray, and his book, Humility, was originally published in 1859. Murray was born to […]

Humility and How I Attained It

I don’t have enough humility to write a book on the subject, and I’ve got too much pride to attempt it.  How could I promote it?  “Hey, buy my fantastic best-seller about humility!”  I’d be like the author who wrote a book called Humility and How I Attained It, by I. M. DeMann.  For most […]

Ten Rings, by Yogi Berra

I’ve just finished Yogi Berra’s autobiographical account of his ten World Series Championships with the New York Yankees.  It wasn’t exactly a page-turner, but three things impressed me about the famous Yankee catcher. 1.  His ability to shrug off insults.  When he began his career, other players made cruel jokes about his odd appearance, speech […]