Roan Mountain (Bed and Breakfast)

  Katrina and I just returned from a couple of nights at our family home at Roan Mountain, which doubles as a bed and breakfast. Here are some springtime pictures. If you’re interested in spending a night or two in the mountains (or a week or two), check out the website at


2 thoughts on “Roan Mountain (Bed and Breakfast)

  1. Rob, the B&B is just beautiful – the pics are really nice. I think it is prettier this time of year than when I went in the fall, which was certainly nice! I don’t remember the railings and awnings, though. New additions? I like them!

  2. I would like to get a message to Robert Morgan. I would like you do to a hymn book collection and stories of Fanny Crosby. Also you did a book of Christmas songs. How about one of Easter songs

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