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Forgive Us Our Debts

The debt crisis in Greece reminds us that the whole world is in debt — and not just financial debt. We’re also drowning in spiritual debt — the debt of sin. How is “sin” like “debt”? In my recent Sunday morning sermons at The Donelson Fellowship on the subject of the Lord’s Prayer, I devoted […]

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The Cathedral in Milan

  This week I’m privileged to be speaking to a group of believers in Interlaken. Europe is in the grip of a heat wave, and almost nothing here is air conditioned because it’s never this hot.  We’re sleeping (or trying to), preaching, eating, sightseeing, and fellowshipping in sweltering heat. As I spoke last night people were fanning […]


Supreme Lessons from Acts 16

Introduction: I don’t want to be drawn tonight into discussing last week’s Supreme Court decision, but it serves as a good introduction to our Bible study tonight. There’s a chilling article in Time Magazine right now about the impact of last week’s Supreme Court decision on the church in America. The article said that the […]