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Angelic Interventions in Acts

A Study of Acts 12 Introduction: Several years ago, I wrote a book on the subject of what the Bible has to say about angels. Recently we reformatted that book and have expanded it to include the subject of fall angels, or demons (The Angel Answer Book, which will be released in August). Every time […]



  Last week our TDF ministerial staff was targeted by a profession gang of thieves, surveilled, and robbed before we even knew it. The foul deed occurred at Imo’s Pizza at 1000 Hampton Avenue in St. Louis. We’d rented a brand new van in Nashville, driven to St. Louis for our spring staff retreat, parked in the […]

2010-BGEA 026


How God Prepares Us and Those to Whom He is Sending Us Introduction: One of the questions we’re sometimes asked is: What about those who have never heard? How can people go to hell without even having an opportunity to hear the Gospel? In times gone by, the question was usually: Are the heathen lost? […]