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The Battle of Gog and Magog

  Russia has become an actor in American presidential election. As Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton pushed the Russia “re-set” button with disastrous results. Donald Trump has spoken of Vladimir Putin in oddly positive terms. Russian hackers are trying to skew the results of American politics. Putin clearly wants to reconstitute as much of the […]


Radnor Lake

  Grandson Elijah and I finally resumed the process of hiking our way through the book 60 Hikes Within 60 Miles of Nashville. Today, October 22, 2016, was a gorgeous cloudless fall day, and we hiked the Ganier Ridge Loop, with elevations about as high as one can find in the Nashville region — accord […]


Lincoln Land

  I’ve just finished Stephen Mansfield’s fascinating book, Lincoln’s Battle With God, which traces Abraham Lincoln’s painful but steady journey from probable atheism to probable Christianity. Just as I closed the last page, I left to speak at Child Evangelism Fellowship symposium in Peoria, and stayed to speak at Grace Presbyterian Church. That gave me the perfect […]