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Hike 2: Couchville Lake Loop

  My grandson Elijah and I are hiking our way through Johnny Molloy’s book, 60 Hikes within 60 Miles of Nashville. We skipped #2 — it’s a very long hike and better for the Springtime — and went on to #3 for last Saturday’s warm February day. It was the Couchville Lake Loop in Long […]


“And Wing My Words”

  When Katrina and I started our pastoral work at Harris Memorial Church in rural Greeneville, Tennessee, I badly wanted to teach as well as preach (still do). I recall going through Paul’s letters to Timothy and noting that the word “teach” occurred forty-four times while the word “preach” occurred four times; and I worked hard to develop some […]


Destiny: Your Place in God’s Plan

  Destiny: Your Place in God’s Plan:  A Study of Jeremiah 1 In Star Wars, it’s the Force—the destiny that guides and empowers heroes toward their pre-appointed purposes. That’s a powerful idea in our culture, because secularism insists life has no ultimate meaning. We want to feel like there is some plan for us somewhere. But where do […]