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Books Worth Reading: First Quarter 2017

  Reading is the mind’s exercise, and we need good exercise equipment to keep it healthy. Here are some books I’ve recently read and want to pass on for your consideration. We all have trouble finding the time needed for focused reading, but sometimes we can get through books in five minute increments. For example, […]

Hello, Nixon, My Old Friend

  Yesterday I spent a pleasant  afternoon visiting the Richard Nixon Library and Birthplace, dredging up old memories of 1969 (when I was a senior in high school) to 1974 (when I graduated college). Those were the five years of his presidency. If your opinion of Richard Nixon is dim, just consider this. He was a brilliant, self-made […]

What You Have When You Have Christ

  A Summary of my sermon from Romans 5:1-11  Introduction: One day overseas—in Paris—I was struggling with my luggage when I remembered that it all zipped together to make a gigantic backpack. On the sidewalk I connected the pieces and with great exertion swung it off the ground and onto my back. But I was top heavy […]