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Role of a Lifetime

A Study of Acts 8  Introduction: I can’t imagine what it would be like to be an actor or to play a role in a movie; I’d be no good at it. I have no aspirations for stage and screen. I was a disaster in the one play I was in, during high school. I […]

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Rising to the Occasion

What the Angels Said About the Manger and the Tomb Last year a man told me of patrolling a dangerous patch of ground in a foreign war. A voice behind him spoke clearly: “Stop! Take one step back!” He complied. He felt a tug at his left sleeve and heard the crack of gunfire. He later found […]

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Running on Empty?

A Study of Acts 6 Introduction: It’s been a long time since I ran out of gasoline, but a lot of times I drive on fumes. I hate to stop and fill up my car, and so I wait until the last possible gallon. It’s one thing to do that on the highways of Tennessee; […]