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The Names of Satan Vs. The Name of Jesus

As I studied what the Bible had to say about good and evil angels for The Angel Answer Book, I was astonished at all the names given in Scripture to describe our enemy. The great fallen archangel Lucifer is given many names and titles, including: The evil one (Matthew 5:37), the enemy (1 Peter 5:7), […]


How To Build a Great Church

A Study of Acts 19 In Acts 19, Paul traveled to the great city of Ephesus and planted a church, which arguably became the strongest church in the New Testament. Three of its first pastors were Paul, Timothy, and the apostle John. Several New Testament letters were written to people in Ephesus: The letter to the Ephesians; […]


Forgive Us Our Debts

The debt crisis in Greece reminds us that the whole world is in debt — and not just financial debt. We’re also drowning in spiritual debt — the debt of sin. How is “sin” like “debt”? In my recent Sunday morning sermons at The Donelson Fellowship on the subject of the Lord’s Prayer, I devoted […]