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Supreme Lessons from Acts 16

Introduction: I don’t want to be drawn tonight into discussing last week’s Supreme Court decision, but it serves as a good introduction to our Bible study tonight. There’s a chilling article in Time Magazine right now about the impact of last week’s Supreme Court decision on the church in America. The article said that the […]


“It Seemed Good the the Holy Spirit and To Us…”

The Jerusalem Council: A Study of Acts 15 Introduction: From time to time, Christians have to get together and try to figure out things. Sometimes these have to do with our beliefs or with the applications of our beliefs in society. In the Baptist tradition, we call these business meetings. We’ll get a bunch of ordained […]


What Is the Wailing Wall?

What a melancholy word – wailing! I know of only one architectural site in the world that’s described by that adjective. It’s the Western Wall of the Temple Mount within the Old City of Jerusalem. What is the Wailing Wall? Why is it so important? And why does it bear its sad name? Nearly a […]