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“Now Thank We All Our God”

  The Greatest Thanksgiving Hymn in History Nothing helps us with our attitudes and emotions more than cultivating a habit of being thankful, continually, in all situations. A good hymn can help with that. I urge you to look up a video recording of “Now Thank We All Our God” and come to know it […]

“My Soul Finds Rest in God Alone”

  A Study of Psalm 62 Introduction: Lots of things torment us. Psalm 62, according to its heading, was written by David, who was tormented by some people attacking him. Maybe something or someone is tormenting you. Maybe the devil is doing it; he’s an expert at that. Maybe you’re tormented by inner fears and […]

Becoming Your Own Preacher

  A Study of Psalm 42 & 43  Introduction: Restlessness is the frustration of not being where we want to be. Maybe you aren’t where you want to be geographically, vocationally, financially, physically, or relationally. What do you do at such times, especially when you can’t see a resolution to things?  Biblical Background: Let me […]

The Greatest Hymn You’ve Never Heard

  Te Deum Landamus: “Holy God, We Praise Thy Name” What’s the greatest hymn in Christian history? What’s at the top of your personal list? Some of my favorites are: Rejoice, the Lord is King All Creatures of our God and King Of the Father’s Love Begotten And Can It Be Great is Thy Faithfulness […]