Bonus: Jesus and the Manuscripts – Interview with Dr. Craig A. Evans and Dr. Jeremiah Johnston

Can we trust what’s written down and copied about Jesus? You’ll want to hear today’s podcast episode where Rob is joined by Dr. Craig A. Evans, a brilliant scholar and teacher in areas of apologetics including archaeology, to talk about original manuscripts about Jesus and why they can be trusted. He’s the director of Strategic Studies and Distinguished Professor of Christian Origins at Houston Baptist University.  He’s authored hundreds of articles and reviews and has published more than seventy books. Professor Evans has given lectures at Cambridge, Durham, Oxford, Yale, and many other universities, colleges, seminaries, and museums, such as the Field Museum in Chicago and the Canadian Museum of Civilization in Ottawa. He also regularly lectures and gives talks at popular conferences and retreats on the Bible and Archaeology, and Jesus and the Dead Sea Scrolls. Evans has appeared many times in television programs on History Channel, BBC, Dateline NBC, and others. Dr. Evans served as consultant on the National Geographic Society’s Gospel of Judas project and for The Bible television miniseries. He also participates annually in archeological digs in the Middle East and volunteer-teaches at schools world-wide. Professor Evans and his wife Ginny live in Richmond, Texas, and have two grown daughters and a grandson. Visit and to learn more about Dr. Evans and his ministry.