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The Jordan River Rules

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Jordan River Rules


Jordan River Rules

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Jordan River Rules Case (60 Copies)


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The Jordan River Rules by Robert J Morgan


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The Jordan River Rules Study Guide


Study Guide

Take the journey from transition to triumph!
This 10-session study guide accompanies the book The Jordan River Rules, offering individuals or groups a study experience that helps them dig into the Scripture, reflect on their own lives, and make solid plans to move forward.

Robert J Morgan
The Jordan River Rules Video Study


Video Study

Perfect for individual or group study, this online video course accompanies the book and study guide for The Jordan River Rules. Containing ten 15-25m lessons, this course explores each of the ten Jordan River Rules: not by simply re-telling content from the book / study guide, but by expanding on each rule. Thus this course can function as stand-alone content, but will greatly reinforce and enhance content from The Jordan River Rules study.

About the Book

Forty years after the Red Sea experience, God divided the swollen waters of the Jordan River and led His people into the Promised Land He had prepared for them.

God intends for you to go forward. Everything so far in your life—including your Red Sea moments of crisis—is simply God’s preparation for stronger days ahead. Perhaps you’ve survived your own Red Sea experiences because of God’s help. Now it’s time to move onward toward all the promises He has given you—the Promised Land of a rewarding future.

The same God who led you out will lead you on.

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