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Worship is what keeps us sane. It’s what keeps our hearts and minds in heavenly mode. It’s what brings life into perspective and shows us the glory of praising the Lord of Hosts and honoring the God who created the vastness of the cosmos and who cares about His tiniest creatures. Our Almighty God desires worshipers who will praise Him in spirit and in truth, knowing that our chief purpose in life is to glorify God and to enjoy Him forever.

Building a hymnbook in our heads is a great and almost forgotten spiritual discipline, and it’s a secret weapon of the soul. What bothers me deeply is that we’re now in an age in which worship songs are so fleeting and the lyrics are so disposable that no lasting imprints of meaning lyrics are being etched into the groves of our brains or into the minds of our children.
Losing our mental hymnals is a loss that cannot be calculated. So in this course I want to review the history of hymnody and introduce you to sixty hymns that are worth collecting in your mind. None of us can learn all these hymns at once—and you’ll certainly have your own favorites (both old and new) to add to the list. But worship and praise are lifelong pursuits, and mastering one hymn at a time is a wonderful adventure in setting our minds and hearts on things above.

This course isn’t about worship wars, but worship. I love much of our newer music and I’m in no mood to complain about it. Some of today’s lyrics are well worth adding to our personal collections. It’s just troubling that the Christian music industry is pushing songs past us so quickly that they pass like high-speed bullet trains. Before we internalize them, they’re obsolete. Let’s enjoy and retain some of today’s great music, but we also badly need the enduring music that will resonate in our minds like it has for generations leading up to ours. Colossians 3:16 says: Let the Word of Christ dwell in you richly, teaching and admonishing one another in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing with grace in your hearts to the Lord.

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Marjorie Poage
Posted 10 months ago
A great blessing!

My sister and I took this course together sitting at my computer screen. We sang our hearts out with you! It was a joy!!! Thank you so much! I grew up singing hymns in church and when worship choruses began replacing hymns in church, I began praying we wouldn't lose the solid content provided by hymns. I feel this course was an answer to prayer for me. Hymns connect me to prior generations.

Jolene Harding
Posted 2 years ago

Save, Sing & Share the Hymns is one of the BEST video courses of Rob's. Over 60 hymns and the stories behind them and singing them are all part of the course. I highly recommend it!

Sharon Wells
Posted 3 years ago
Very uplifting

This is our second class from Robert Morgan and again we are so very uplifted by his knowledge and presentation of truth and life stories whether his own or those of various authors. Very well done. Thank you for your hard work and effort.

Shirley Luthi-Cox
Posted 3 years ago
Truly an Inspiration and Blessing

For the past few years, I have found incorporating hymn singing into my devotional time as an additional way of expressing my heart in prayer. I am pleased to have been introduced to many more that are sure to become part of my personal collection. The lesson from the book of Psalms was insightful in how to choose hymns for my personal collection, and the history of hymnology fascinating.

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