Roan Mountain B & B Granola

Need a nice last minute, do-it-yourself, hale and healthy gift that’s sure to please? Here’s the recipe we developed for the granola we occasionally serve at Roan Mountain Bed and Breakfast. It’s a very simple recipe. The whole idea behind granola, after all, is simplicity. Not too sweet either, which is the problem with store-bought […]

Supper with the Kids!

Chuck Colson penned a great column this week about the importance of the family supper hour. He cited these statistics from recent studies by the National Center of Addition and Substance Abuse at Columbia University and The National Longitudinal Study on Adolescent Health: Teens who have dinner with their parents three of fewer times a […]

Dinner-and-a-Movie Chocolate Pudding

  Most Friday nights, Katrina and I have a stay-at-home candlelight dinner followed by a movie. Last night it was the romantic comedy, Leap Year, set in Ireland, but the week before it was the Bourne Identity, set largely in France.  Anyway, I’ve been tinkering with an easy from-scratch chocolate pudding and finally have it […]

How To Memorize: Part 3

  This is a continuation of prior blogs offering a digest of William’s Evans, How To Memorize, published in Chicago n 1909. Chapter 5: Preliminary Suggestions for the Training of the Memory Each suggestion must be followed to the letter. There should be daily practice to insure the greatest possible amount of benefit. Set aside, […]