Sentences I’ve Underlined In…

  Once you begin a book or blog by Al Mohler, it’s hard to stop reading. His unfiltered insights are incisive, whether he’s talking about today’s world or today’s church. I thoroughly enjoyed his book on preaching, He Is Not Silent. These are the sentences I underlined and a few I bolded: A large number of […]

Washington and God

So why can’t we say a prayer in school or at a public event? In preparing a recent sermon from Psalm 11, I read Washington’s first inaugural address and took some time to analyze it. It runs 1419 words, and I was astounded to find 522 of them – well over a third of the entire […]

Scripture Memory and Medieval Saints

In preparation for a series of messages at The Donelson Fellowship from Matthew 5 – 7, I’ve been reading a book entitled The Sermon on the Mount Through the Centuries: From the Early Church to John Paul II. On page 79, I found this great quote about the way medieval Christians such as Hugh of […]

J.C. Ryle on Daily Bible Reading

Here’s another quote from my currently-favorite writer, the great British bishop, J. C. Ryle, regarding daily Bible reading. It’s from his book, Practical Religion: Read the Bible every day. Make it a part of every day’s business to read and meditate on some portion of God’s Word. Private means of grace are just as needful […]