The Church! Its Pentecostal Birth and Boldness — A Study of Acts 2 Introduction What’s going on with the church in America? The statistics are not good.Overall church attendance in America has dropped dramatically. A few weeks ago, the Wall Street Journal reported that in the year 2000, 41 percent of Americans attended church regularly. […]

The Golden Rule

A Study of Matthew 7:7-12 If you could live anywhere you wanted, where would it be? Reader’s Digest used social media and crowd sourcing to find the best places to live in America, and high on the list is a neighborhood in the Bronx — Harding Park. It’s a neighborhood of 236 tidy homes of […]

Liberating Ministry from the Success Syndrome

Many years ago I went through a dark season of discouragement when I felt my church wasn’t growing as quickly as it should, nor was my ministry advancing as I’d hoped. Pastors across America are struggling with those very issues, now more than ever. Studies are being done on the plunging morale of pastors during […]

Why Jesus Didn’t Worry–And Neither Should You!

A Study of Matthew 6:25-34 Three plagues are ravaging America: Fear, worry, and anxiety. Studies show that many children are riddled with worry because the supporting structures of their lives have collapsed. Teenagers are worried too. Psychologists warn of a mental health crisis among adolescents in the U.S. We all have a heavy load of […]