Redeemed, How I Love to Proclaim It!

A Study of Ruth 4:1-12 Introduction When we were elementary children, we had to learn vocabulary. What does pledge mean? What does allegiance mean? Republic? Indivisible? When we commit our lives to Christ, we enter God’s school—the School of the Bible—and He has some vocabulary words for us. We don’t need to avoid those words, […]

5 Great Changes that Come with Repentance

Five Great Changes That Come with Repentance A Study of Ruth 2 Introduction: If you’re worried about raising children in a difficult age, let me recommend the book of Ruth. The prior book, Judges, tells of a long period of cyclical sin. Everyone did what was right in their own eyes, not what was right […]

The Man With 2,347 Names on His Prayer List

I’ve come across the account of a man named Ding Li-Mei, whose story will inspire your prayer life. Ding and his family were reached for Christ in the 1800s by the foreign missions efforts of American Presbyterians. As a child, Ding was responsive to the Gospel and was mentored by a woman named Julia Mateer, […]

Fraudulent Facebook Account

Dear Friends, I’ve received several notifications that my Facebook Page might be hacked.  On further investigation, however, my real Facebook Page (which is not a personal profile) is intact and secure at this time. It seems someone created a fake / impersonation profile page to imitate me, using my pictures / posts to make the […]