The 50 Final Events in World History: The Book of Revelation Demystified

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The book of Revelation intimidates many who read it.  In this course, Rob lays out an easy-to-understand visual outline of the entire book and walks through the 50 final events in world history.  This course also includes  downloadable PDFs, including Rob’s incredible one-page visual summary of Revelation and other worksheets he uses as illustrations throughout the course.

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Anne Daffron
Posted 1 week ago
Enlightening Study

This is the 3rd study of Rev. I have done; each one has enriched my understanding of this book. Pastor Morgan's approach is well organized, his presentation enthusiastic and honest as he does not profess to have all the answers. It would be helpful to know ahead of time the exact chapters/verses to be covered in each lesson so that participants can read the scripture before watching the video.

Sara Welshans
Posted 1 week ago
Excellent Study of Revelation

I appreciate the enthusiasm of Dr. Morgan. Also the simplicity of his outline. I think I will always remember it so that I could "draw it on a napkin." I look forward to additional courses, especially the "Progress of Redemption."

Posted 3 weeks ago

As previously stated, the enthusiasm was a great sauce for the spiritual food. Well presented and organized. Also appreciated that with Dr. Morgan bit his lip it wasn't edited out.

Doris Swanson
Posted 4 weeks ago

I have studied through Revelation several times, but this is the most clearly organized and descriptive approach that I have been through. Rob definitely creates a taste and a desire for heaven and eternity with God. I also appreciate the way he intertwines all of scripture within it. I know that I will refer to it often. .

Andrea Blomberg
Posted 1 month ago
His joy & enthusiasm while teaching through the book of Revelation was contagious!

A wonderful class! The additional materials/charts were very helpful. I look forward to reading through Revelation again with a much better understanding of the events, which were each explained so well. He shared his personal beliefs as well as shared other perspectives and encouraged us to study & search the scriptures for ourselves. Thank you so much for making this available!

Judith Wilkerson
Posted 1 month ago

Great study of Revelation!!! I especially liked the simple outline for sharing the book with others.

Posted 1 month ago

WOW, what a beautiful book. I so loved this study and will continue to study with the bible and my notes. Rev Morgan, I would love to see this in one of your publications. I am 74, I started reading your books when my sister gave me the Red Sea Rules. Videos are a challenge fore, but I could not resist this one. And I have boon so blessed. Thanks to you and your team for putting all of this toget

Posted 1 month ago
A wonderful teaching! Maranatha!

Robert Morgan is one of our favorite Bible teachers and this study of Revelation is such a blessing. We have watched some of the sessions more than once. I noted each of the 50 events with notes in my Bible next to the scripture so it will always be with me when I read Revelation. It has an even more logical understanding for me now. Thank you for offering us personal examples and opinions.

Tom Melhorn
Posted 1 month ago
What a blessing!

Pastor Morgan teaches Revelation very literally; there is little need of symbolic interpretation since he explains how the book points to what is literal. His teaching truly is a revealing or unveiling. I finally have a good understanding and appreciation of this great book and a refreshed longing for the end times when God reveals His sovereignty!

Graham Meakins
Posted 1 month ago
First class course, Thank You Robert.

I am 83 and over the years I have tried to study to understand the book of Revelation. This course has been so very clarifying and it has been presented in such a logical manner that for me it has made complete sense. As long as one comes from a Pre-millennium standpoint it all makes sense. From anyone believing in the A-millennium standpoint, well I have no idea, because I just don’t understan

Eileen Vorst
Posted 1 month ago
Great course!

My understanding of Revelation and end time events is so much better after completing Robert Morgan's webinar. The course is well organized and presented in a way that makes the content easy to remember. The simple drawings were great! I highly recommend this course for a good understanding of the book of Revelation. I look forward to future courses.

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