A Philosophy of Personal Finance

We live in a world that revolves around money. Economic issues dominate our world and headlines. One of the major differences between the Republican and Democratic parties has to do with differences of philosophy about the economy, whether it should be based in the private or and in the public sector. The major difference between the United States and other nations has to do with economic philosophy—capitalism, socialism, and communism. The world is searching for a coherent workable economic philosophy. We have the most gifted and educated economists in history, yet our world is careening toward economic Armageddon. We need a sound set of economic theories to guide us nationally and globally.

In the same way, we all need a philosophy of personal finances that is wise and workable. We need to control our finances instead of letting our finances control us, and we need to let the Lord control us as we control our finances. The practice of tithing is based on the philosophy that God is the owner of everything, and when we give Him our lives, everything we have is His. Our wealth and welfare are His concern, and He provides for our needs; and we in turn acknowledge His Lordship over this area of our lives by returning to His cause our regular tithes and offerings.

Stewardship is a philosophy of personal economics that begins by acknowledging that our money is not ours at all, but it’s the Lord’s; and He has entrusted it to us for our good and for His glory. That determines how we use it, and tithing is a hallmark of this philosophy. That’s why we’re blessed as we practice it and the Kingdom is advanced as we do it.

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