An Ear to the Door

Earlier this year, I had the privilege at speaking at a church in South Bend, Indiana, and a woman told me of her conversion.  She was four years old, and her mother was teaching a backyard Bible club.  One night, the backyard club met in the mother’s living room.  Because this girl was only 4, her mother told her to stay in her bedroom or in the playroom, as she wasn’t yet old enough to attend.  She was so curious about the meeting that she got down on the bedroom floor and put her ear to the bottom of the door to hear what her mom was saying. 

Her mother shared the Gospel with the children in the living room, but in the bedroom it was her own daughter with whom the Lord was dealing.  The four-year-old was deeply impressed with the message, and that evening she said to her mother, “I’m in big trouble. I am not saved.”  And that night her mother led her to saving faith. 

It was by listening with her ear to the crack beneath the door that she heard of Jesus and was saved, and it was a decision that has endured through the years.

I hope that our children—and others—will frequently overhear us speaking of Christ!

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