D6 and P23 – Twitter Ideas for Family / Personal Devos

Starting today and for the next five weeks, I’ll be posting family and personal devotional ideas on my Twitter page, day by day, Monday through Friday, to correspond with our TDF sermon series from The 23rd Psalm.

In part, this is because of the timely emphasis by Randall House Publications on D6 – that passage in Deuteronomy 6 that tells parents to share the word of God naturally and frequently with their children.  Family devotions have fallen by the wayside in today’s society, but we’ve got to find a way of restoring some version of this practice to our homes and hearths.

At The Donelson Fellowship, we’ve begun a six-week study of Psalm 23.  Every weekday morning during the five weeks between these six Sundays, I’ll post a devotional idea on Twitter.  It’ll have a suggested passage to read and a brief question or observation for discussion.

Gather the family at supper, or sit down with your kids at bedtime, and read the passage.  Briefly discuss the question.  Have a simple prayer.

These P23 Twitters can also be used for personal devotions during the sermon series.

This is our contribution to a great equation:  D6 & P23 = GR8.

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