Tell – U – Ride

After our work today, Reese Kauffman wanted to go four-wheeling again, and this time he wanted to put me on one of the contraptions, even though I told him I could hardly drive a riding lawn mower. We went over Imogene Pass, the highest point in North America which you drive a vehicle. The sheer cliffs and sharp drop-offs didn’t bother me, but I was a nervous wreck trying to remember which lever was the gas and which was the brake.

I want to say that I was charmed with the ski town of Telluride, cosily boxed into a canyon at the foot of Black Bear Mountain. Our transportation from home to town was a peaceful gondola.

Reese was well prepared for our morning sessions. He came with well-thought-out notes. We were fortified all along the way by Linda’s cheerfulness and sustenance.  Now I’m on my way back to Nashville and to The Donelson Fellowship. I’m excited to see how the Lord will help us compile the story of Child Evangelism Fellowship and it’s unusual leader. Stay tuned.