Have You Ever Noticed This?

I’m in Pismo Beach for a few days, speaking at a retreat; so I’ve asked Amy Carmichael to write today’s blog; and she graciously consented.  Actually, Amy has been in heaven for awhile now, but her wonderful books live on.  She’s one of our great missionary-writers and devotionalists; and her book, Edges of His Ways, got me through a rough patch once.   Here’s an excerpt:

Have you ever noticed this?  Whatever need or trouble you are in, there is always something to help you in your Bible, if only you go on reading till you come to the word God specially has for you.  I have noticed this often.  Sometimes the special word is in the portion you would naturally read, or in the Psalms for the day, or in Daily Light, or maybe it is somewhere else; but you must go on till you find it, for it is always somewhere.  You will know it the moment you come to it, and it will rest your heart.

Amy Carmichael in Edges of His Ways (Fort Washington, PA:  Christian Literature Crusade, 1998 edition), 41.