How Many People Will Be in Heaven?

When we get to heaven how many people will be there?  What percentage of earth’s population will be in heaven?  The answer is there will be more people—probably far more people—in heaven than in hell.  And one of the reasons is this that everyone in the history of the world who has died between the moment of conception and the age of accountability will be there.

John MacArthur said, “From the first days of history to the present, it is not at all an exaggeration to speculate that half of all persons ever conceived died prior to reaching maturity.”

Missiologist Don Richardson wrote of a group of scientists who issued a report saying that from the beginning of recorded history, some 66 percent of everyone conceived in the womb has not survived to see a fifth year of life.  In his book, Secrets of the Koran, Richardson wrote:

This means that two-thirds of mankind have died either in the womb through miscarriage, stillbirth, or abortion, or in childhood via disease, crime, war, accidents or natural disasters. Thus a large majority of all the people God has created in His likeness form the beginning of humankind are redeemed by this automatic childhood coverage aspect of redemption.

And then, Don Richardson went on to make this surprising statement: 

Take medical science’s 66 percent estimate on infant mortality through the ages as a mere base number.  Add hundreds of millions who, through the ages, lost their redemption by sinning as they came out of childhood but found it again by responding to the revelation from God.  Estimates of the combined total point to perhaps 77 percent of mankind redeemed.  God wins not only the moral victory but the quantitative one as well.

PS – This is from my sermon, “What Happens to Children Who Die?” To read the entire message, click here and go to te “Sermons” tab.

4 thoughts on “How Many People Will Be in Heaven?

  1. This 77% figure for all people ever conceived being in Heaven is way out of line with Matthew 7:13 &14,
    where Jesus says, “narrow is the gate and difficult the way which leads to life, and there are few who find
    it”. Few means far less than 77% to me.

  2. Les Carnes,
    What is a “person” in the sense of that passage? I’m not sure if Jesus was referring to young children. It seems to be referring to those who are able to make a choice, which no one in the 67% referenced would be able to do. How can you find something if you, by definition of not having accountability, can’t look?

  3. According to my pastor Les carnes the scripture in matthew about “enter through the narrow gate,” is About joy in this life and not salavation! Think about it would God create billions of souls so that only a few will experience heaven. i don’t think so and So did billy graham. make no mistake many people will be going to heaven. God is gracious and only those who accept Jesus should be accepted to heaven. Don’t get me wrong i still think many will go to hell but not “most’ like you say. The only thing required to spend an eternity with God is a relationship with him and repentance of sin. That’s it pretty simple.

  4. I fully believe that God has perfect and just Balance in all of his designings and intentions. He loves us humans. He put forth a great deal of priory in us. I know I can trust him in his all all his decisions and I know he has a plan that will be perfect. He has shown to work with perfect intelligence and intentions, he also has a loving spirit that is good and kind. He’s in control and we don’t need to sweat the details. He’s got this.

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