Managing Your Time, Managing Your Life

  Sunday I’m planning to begin a three-part series of Sunday morning messages at The Donelson Fellowship titled Managing Your Time, Managing Your Life. For many years, I’ve been a student of the techniques of time management; and for many years I’ve been a student of the Bible. In these messages, I’m going to try merge these two interests and humbly offer some strategies for tacking today’s tasks and completing the work God has given us to do.

This is stewardship. Usually in church circles, when we think of stewardship, we think of money. But time is like currency of a different realm.

  • If money is silver, time is gold.
  • If material wealth can be symbolized by rubies, time can be represented by diamonds.
  • If we mismanage our money, we simply try to make more of it. But there’s no making of any more time. When a moment is gone, it’s gone forever, like sand through an hourglass.
  • If we squander our money, we’re likely to face short-term pressure, which will be immediately obvious to us; but if we squander our time, it leads to long-term loss that may not be readily apparent.

Until we appreciate the value of time and learn to manage it with skill, we cannot manage ourselves. But when we learn to manage our time, we will manage our lives. And when we learn to manage our lives, we’ll be able to manage our tasks and our daily work. As we do so consistently, we’ll finally arrive at the end of our earthly lives having accomplished the work that Christ gave us to do.