Not for Nothing: A Book Idea

During my devotions this morning, I started sketching down an idea for a book, as furiously as a dog digging for a bone.  I don’t know if anything will come from it, but it would be targeted for anyone involved in the Lord’s work.  The concept would be “Not for Nothing:  Your Labor in the Lord is NOT in vain.”  Thousands of pastors and staffers (and lay workers) are discouraged in the ministry right now.  These are hard times, and a number of factors are creating debilitating emotions for Christian workers.  Yet we have:  (1) Biblical prayers regarding this; (2) Powerful promises about it; (3) Instructive insights from Christian history; (4) Resolutions we can make regarding our own attitudes on any given day.  So I’m just mulling it over.  If you’ve gone through a bout of discouragement or are in such a state now, feel free to shoot me an e-mail.

PS – On the other hand, if you’re looking why we should be discouraged, check out this story in today’s Scottish Sun.  Stan Lee, the Marvel Comics guru who invented the Hulk and the X-Men is preparing to introduce the world’s first homosexual super-hero.  The plan is to give this gay character his own comic book, plus a television series on an American network or cable station.  It was bound to happen; and don’t forget–we tend to become like the heroes we espouse.