Only One Client

I’ve been slammed this week with board meetings, deadlines, and church obligations; so I’ve not had much time for on-line journaling.  But I did want to share my closing story from today’s sermon.  I think it’s a great illustration of the Lordship of Christ.  We can only have one Client, one Boss, one Master, one Lord to whom we owe our lives. 

Ronald Kessler is a Washington journalist who recently authored a best-selling book on the Secret Service and its mission of protecting the President of the United States.  Kessler reported on the elaborate and extensive preparation that goes on before even the simplest presidential visit. 

One evening, when George and Laura Bush were in the White House, they decided to accept a dinner invitation at the home of Clay and Anne Johnson.  Clay was a close friend from high school.  One of Bush’s buddies from Yale University was also planning to attend, along with the FBI director and his wife.  The Johnsons lived in Spring Valley, a neighborhood in Washington.  The Secret Service set up a command post in the basement.  They asked that the drapes be installed in the dining room, and they even suggested which chair the President should sit in for the quickest emergency rescue, should that be necessary.  The Secret Service also asked the Johnsons to clear out a closet that was big enough for at least two people.  One of the agents told Anne Johnson, “In case of an emergency, an agent was going to grab the president, and the two of them were going to dive (into the closet).

 Anne Johnson asked the agent, “What should everyone else do in case of an emergency?”

 The agent looked at her and replied, “I only have one client:  the President.” [1. Ronald Kessler: In the President’s Secret Service (NY: Crown Publishers, 2009), 65-65.]

We only have one Lord, only one to whom we owe our lives, only one to whom we have pledged our love and our loyalty—and that’s Jesus Christ.