Piping Hot

This Sunday morning I studied the little coffeepot in my motel room in Greenville, North Carolina, and decided it hadn’t been cleaned in years.  Going down to the breakfast bar, I pumped some coffee into a styrofoam cup, but it was lukewarm.  I asked the young man at the front desk about it. 

“It should be fresh,” he said.  “I made it about three o’clock this morning.”

“Yes, well…,” I said, bemused, “but it’s gone stale.”

“I’ll make some more,” he said.

By and by, here he came lugging a big thermos.  I pumped out a cup and returned to my room only to learn he hadn’t poured out the old coffee before refilling the thermos.

So this is my first morning in ages without a fresh cup of hot coffee.  But it’s a good reminder as I prepare to preach.  It takes constant effort to stay sharp, excited, and well-prepared.  But the Lord has plainly told us He doesn’t like lukewarm beverages (Rev. 3:16).  May our lessons, messages, sermons, and Bible studies today be served fresh and piping hot, good to the last drop—and poured out of a clean pot!

One thought on “Piping Hot

  1. I had the same thing happen yesterday morning – only they also used the same FOOD they used Sat AM – ARGH Never did get a good cup of coffee – our hotel (if you can call it that) was 35 miles from the church and it was the closest one! Talk about the boonies! It was worth it though as the service went well and lives were changed and that’s what matters!

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