Psalm 91: High Altitude Living

On Sunday nights at The Donelson Fellowship, I’m preaching through Psalm 90 – 99, the Rocky Mountains of the Psalter. As I have researched this coming Sunday evening’s message from Psalm 91, I found a great quote by Charles Spurgeon, the famous British preacher, based on Psalm 91:9-10. I’ll tell the full story Sunday night, but for now here’s the quote.

It is impossible that any ill should happen to the (person) who is beloved of the Lord; the most crushing calamities can only shorten his journey and hasten him to his reward. Ill to him is no ill, but only good in a mysterious form. Losses enrich him, sickness is his medicine, reproach is his honor, death is his gain. No evil in the strict sense of the word can happen to him, for everything is overruled for good. Happy is he who is in such a case. He is secure where others are in peril, he lives where others die.