Read Through A Whole Book of the Bible in One Sitting

I’ve had a leisurely morning in my hotel room in Tampa, and since I’m getting ready to preach through the book of Daniel I decided to read the book in one sitting. It took just over 28 minutes – less time than watching a half-hour TV program. By reading the entire book at once, I gained an instant overview and was better able to spot the themes, design, blueprint, emphases, and message of the book.

I recall sitting on a park bench at San Antonio’s River Walk several years ago reading through the book of Proverbs in one sitting. It took 42 minutes.

Why not try reading through God’s Books in one sitting? You can begin with 2 John, which took me one minute. Or Jude, which took two.

Hebrews took 18 minutes 42 seconds. Titus, 3 minutes and 15 seconds. I read the Gospel of John in 54 minutes, and Mark in 38 minutes. I’ve not tackled Psalms yet – it’s the longest book – but I did work my way through all 66 chapters of Isaiah in an hour and a half. Other reading times:

  • Leviticus: 55 minutes
  • Genesis: 1 hour 37 minutes
  • 1 Chronicles: 51 minutes
  • Job: 47 minutes 30 seconds
  • 2 Corinthians: 17 minutes
  • James: 7 minutes

We all read at different speeds. I’m not a speed-reader, but I do plow from sentence to sentence pretty steadily. Sometimes my mind wanders, but I try to stay focused. Along the way, I’m gaining a better understanding of God’s Word, just as I saw San Diego differently when I helicoptered over the city. It’s like viewing the book from above.

Find a quiet place and an unhurried time and select one of God’s sixty-six installments. Start with the first word, end with the last one, and discover the blessings contained within the pages betwixt them.