Rest That’s Full of Work

During this morning’s Quiet Time, I was finishing a book by F. B. Meyer entitled The Christ-life for Your Life, and his final chapter is entitled “Heart-Rest.”  As Christians, wrote Meyer, we should have perpetual rest in our souls and spirits, and he uses two analogies from nature to describe it.  It is a…

Rest that is full of work; but like the cyclone, all the atoms of which revolve in turbulent motion around the central cavity of rest, so do all the activities of God revolve around His deepest heart which is tranquil and serene.

And it is possible, if you and I learn the lesson amid anxiety and sorrow and trial and pressure of work always to carry a heart so peaceful, so still, so serene as to be like the depth of the Atlantic which is not disturbed by the turbulent winds that sweep its surface.

As we grow in Christ and increasingly learn to rest in Him, those word-pictures become more and more real in our experience.  It wonderful to enjoy rest that’s full of work.

PS – If you want to view last Sunday’s sermon in Jackson, Mississippi, clink here and select the sermon, “The Lord’s My Shepherd—That’s Enough.”

One thought on “Rest That’s Full of Work

  1. I was just reading another wonderful quote from F.B. Meyer that you might enjoy:

    “If any should read these lines who have come into positions of extreme difficulty, through following the simple path of obedience, let them not look at God through difficulties, as we see the sun shorn of splendour through a fog; but let them look at difficulties through God. Let them put God between themselves and the disasters which threaten them. Let them cast the whole responsibility upon Him. Has He not thus brought you into difficulties, that He may have an opportunity of strengthening your faith, by giving some unexampled proof of His power? Wait only on the Lord, trust also in Him… He will provide.” From Abraham; or, The Obedience of Faith

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