Talking About Our Problems

In his book, Prescription for Anxiety, Leslie D. Weatherhead warns against the compulsion to tell all our troubles to anyone who will listen.  “Tell your doctor everything, of course, and a close friend or two… but not to anyone else.”

The reason, Weatherhead writes, is that if we talk a lot about our symptoms, we give them persisting power.  The more we discuss our problems, the more we keep reminding ourselves of them.  Every recital of our woes etches them more firmly on our minds.

Better far to tell the Lord and leave our cares with Him in quiet faith, believing.

PS – On the other end of the subject:  My favorite story in today’s press was about the Chicago-area pastor who has inspired the creation of a 365 club on Facebook — people determined to commit an act of kindness every day this year.  It’s reported in the Christian Post.