The 410st Prophet

Last night I finished my sermon on the Biblical character of Micaiah, from 1 Kings 22. Here are a few sentences of application: “Choose Christ and His cross over the crowd. You may be outnumbered four hundred to one, but one plus God is a majority. Don’t be afraid to take a lonely stand if it’s the right one to take. Micaiah spent the night in prison eating bread and water, but King Ahab never again slept in his ivory bed or sipped from his golden goblets. He died in a chariot at Ramoth Gilead, shot by a random arrow, and he returned to Samaria a corpse. His chariot was washed in the pool of prostitutes and the dogs licked up his blood. In these days of the lowest common denominator let’s be people of the highest possible caliber. Micaiah went down in history (and up to glory) as an odd number — the 401st prophet.

But times like these require people like that!