The Devil’s in the Details

How did this happen? My friend Buzz Baker, who lives in South Carolina and works with Child Evangelism Fellowship, sent out several copies of my book about angels to long-time supporters of CEF. One copy went to a faithful woman who is also a dear friend of the Bakers. Buzz put the book, Angels: True Stories, in a mailer, sealed it, attached a CEF address label, wrote the woman’s address by hand, and mailed it.

When the package arrived at her house, she opened it with anticipation, but was startled to pull out books on the occult, on vampires and ghosts and demonic themes. The angel book was nowhere to be found.

Buzz has the Post Office investigating, but I think the devil’s in the details.

At any rate, if you want to order this book, Angels: True Stories, click here and we’ll make sure to seal the mailing envelope with extra tape.