The Greatest Day that Ever Was!

I’ve lived over 21,000 days. I can’t recall each of those in detail; but if you were to ask me for the best day and the worst day of my life, I could instantly tell you.

I bet you could do the same.

According to the Bible, we never know what a day will bring forth (Proverbs 27:1). Life is vacillating, undulating, unpredictable, and unknowable. There are good days and bad days. But only one day can be called the Greatest Day that Ever Was. Though it occurred before any of us were born, it’s as real as yesterday, as relevant as today, and as expectant as tomorrow. It permeates our hearts with hope. It is the most important day of our lives.

It was the day the corpse of Jesus of Nazareth opened His eyes in the silence of a sealed Jerusalem tomb. His heart resumed beating. His chest heaved as resurrected lungs inhaled the dank air of the damp cave. He stood to His feet, His glorified body rising through the binding shroud, and He stepped effortless through the rock wall as though it were air. He was alive—again and forever!

Up from the grave He arose, just as the world was rolling over into a new day. And what a day!—a unique day never before seen and never again repeated. It stands as the epicenter of the human story and as the focal point of time and eternity. It’s undeniable history, unfathomable mystery, and unequivocal victory.

It’s the Greatest Day that Ever Was!

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