The Moving Sidewalk

Here’s a simple illustration from last night’s sermon that shows what it means to cast our burdens on the Lord (Psalm 55:22) and our cares on Him (1 Peter5:7).

Recently at an airport when I was travel-weary, I saw a long moving sidewalk.  I had a bag in each hand as I stepped onto the thing, but in my fatigue I didn’t even think to set them down. 

I was still carrying my load while the moving sidewalk was carrying me.  Not until halfway down the hall did I have the presence of mind to release my bags and let the moving sidewalk carry them too. 

How often do we take a step of faith and commit our lives to the Lord Jesus, but we forget that He can carry our burdens, too.  We let Him carry us toward our heavenly destination, but we insist on clinging to the heavy loads that He wants to carry for us.  “Walking by Faith” occurs when we not only take our stand on Him, but we rest our cares on Him as well.

PS – My morning sermon was from Genesis 1:1 and dealt with issues of creation and intelligent design.   For a written copy of this message, click here.   For information about the film The Privileged Planet, click here.  To learn more about William Lane Craig who was featured in the videos I used during the sermon, click here.  And finally, for the book, The Case for the Creator by Lee Strobel, click here.