The Practice and Power of Meditation

Both yesterday morning at TDF and tonight in Birmingham, I spoke from Joshua 1:8 on the practice and power of meditation.   I contrasted two interesting experiences I had in college.  As a freshman at King College, I listened to the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi’s presentation about Transcendental Meditation in which one uses a “mantra” to empty one’s mind.  As a sophomore at Columbia International University, I was taught by the Navigators how to fill my mind with Scripture and to unlock its meaning by meditating day and night.

I still have a little Navagator booklet I purchased in 1971, that said:  “Meditation is the skeleton key that unlocks the greatest storeroom in the house of God’s provision for the Christian…. (It is) holding the Word of God in your heart until it has affected every phase of your life….  Beware of getting alone with your own thoughts.  Get alone with God’s thoughts.  There is danger in rummaging through…thoughts that can be labeled daydreaming or worse.  Don’t meditate upon yourself but dwell upon God…. Make this a built-in habit of daily living…”

I’ve never been a fan of the Maharishi, but I’m a huge fan of the practice and power of biblical meditation.  Find a verse, read it, study it, memorize it, visualize it, personalize it, and meditate on it.  Think it through as you drive to work.  Ponder it as you walk along the greenways.  Mull it over as you go to sleep, and you’ll wake up brighter in the morning.

One thought on “The Practice and Power of Meditation

  1. Robert J. Morgan,
    I just wanted to say thank you for your presentation at Shadow Mountain and research done through The Strength You Need and I cannot wait for your completion of Biblical Meditation. You may remember I shared one of my verses on strength with you from my pocketbook (pretty sure it was Phil 4:13) after the first message and I purchased your book.
    I also have memorized pneumonics on the bible to keep close to me so I can get back to all that I learned in my study on the bible. I have a Bachelor’s in Biblical Studies from Southern California Seminary, yet I have a mental disability that causes much forgetfulness of it all.
    These are two things that are needed through my disability that my wife and I are struggling with. I have complex partial seizures with post-ictal psychosis, which results in a lot of medication and memory problems. Sometimes I cannot remember my children’s birthday and my doctor does not let me drive.
    I see a Christian counselor because of the psychosis (get slight mania few days after a seizure) and it is ironic because we have talked about strength and meditation. I did some research on what meditation from a Christian view is like, and of course people look at me weird. I came up with this thing where we subvocalize when we pray. It is when we talk to God just under our breath in any situation and have God hear us. If you have questions on where I am going with this, let me know!
    In His Name,
    John Bean

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