The Unavoidable Inevitability of Underestimating God

Consider this:  Because God is infinite, we always underestimate Him.

Logically speaking, it is an unavoidable inevitability.  The Lord has no boundaries or barriers, no limits or restrictions. He is endless in direction and duration, in space and time.  All His unfathomable attributes are bottomless seas without shores.  Our minds can’t grasp the unrestrained depths of His presence, majesty, power, glory, and grace.  There’s no ceiling to His love, wrath, wealth, and intelligence.  Try as we might, our minds are always astonished trying to contemplate God as He is.  We can no more fit Him into our thoughts than we could fit the ocean into a thimble.

There is logically no way for us to fully comprehend all that God is in the fullness of His infinity.  So it would seem logical to say:  Because God is infinite, we always underestimate Him.

I find that a very comforting thought.