Your Child Has a Good Shepherd

We can give our children a bed to sleep in, but only the Lord can make them lie down in green pastures and beside still waters.

We can encourage our kids, but only God can restore their souls.

We can advise our youngsters, and we may have goals and dreams for them; but only God can lead them in paths of righteousness for His name sake.

We can try our best to protect our children, but only the Lord can walk with them through the valley of the shadow of death and save them from evil, guarded by His rod and staff.

We try to provide for their needs, but only the Lord can spread a table for them in the wilderness and make their cups overflow.

We can gift them with our love and resources; but only God can give them unfailing goodness and mercy all the days of their lives.

We can provide a temporary home for our youngsters on earth, but through Jesus Christ they can dwell in the house of the Lord forever.