A Visit with Donald Duck

disney-vacation-2009-006Several weeks ago, I jotted down a request in my prayer notebook for good weather during our week in Florida.  We’re on the way home now and I can say that every day was gorgeous.  Katrina and I enjoyed 80-degree weather in Venice, where I spoke eight times over the weekend.  Then coming to Orlando, the temperature was cooler—the high 60s—but the sun was bright and the sky was blue.  We spent three days at Disneyworld.  The first day was at EPCOT, the second at Animal Kingdom, and the third in the Magic Kingdom.   (It dawned on me that I first visited Disneyland forty-nine year ago, as a boy of 7, in July of 1960).  Now we’re glad to be on our way home, stopping tonight in Macon, GA.  Here are some pictures of our week.





2 thoughts on “A Visit with Donald Duck

  1. How fun and what great pictures – Bet you enjoyed the safari. What a neat thing to do – no kids so you could just do the things you wanted to do. You are coming home to gorgeous weather!

  2. Rob and Katrina, think and pray for you often–great to see you hamming it up in Florida. Purchased several of your works this past winter and gave one to my German LandLady too. Great pieces, enjoy them all. Watch out for the Rhinos in the Safari lands.

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